Community Supported Agriculture - CSA

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Current Pick-Up Locations and Times

In 2015, we transitioned to a Market Style CSA. The added flexibility and freedom this provided helped us manage both the needs of our members and our family farm operation. See below for more details on how it works.

Wednesday - On the farm - 5 to 7 PM
Saturday - Butler - Butler City Farmers Market - 8 AM to 1 PM

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an beneficial agreement between a local farm and the group of people who receive a portion of the food the farm produces. Members purchase a large or small share of the harvest early in the season (usually early spring) and then receive a weekly supply of fresh seasonal vegetables as the growing season progresses. The members agree to share the inherent risks and benefits of the growing season.

Why Community Supported Agriculture?

Knowing the people who grow your food guarantees you will receive the freshest, most nutritious food available. You will also be supporting a local family business, not purchasing food that made its way from Mexico or South America burning petroleum all the way. You are making a commitment to eat food in its natural growing season, in your own geography. There is nothing to compare to the taste of the first spring peas, or that ripe August tomato. Trust us – your palate will thank you for this!

What is a Share and How does it work?

As a CSA member of Five Elements Farm, you will be provided with a wide selection of fresh seasonal vegetables every week as well as other items, generally from the beginning of June until the end of October (roughly 20 weeks). The produce will be available for pick-up on the farm, or at one of the local Farmers' Markets where we attend. You can shop with us as many times as you need during the week but we ask that you do so at least once a week during the season.

Your share will be in the form of a pre-paid CSA member gift card, based on the share level for that growing season. The price of a share reflects the true cost of growing high quality organic vegetables and assists in our start-up costs for that season. Then you choose the produce and quantities you'd like from what has been harvested that week. Your card is swiped and the purchase is deducted from the value on your card.

By purchasing a share you are committing to being part of our farm community. In return, we offer you a up to a 5% savings on the retail value of the items purchased. As an additional thank you, as a CSA member you will receive an electronic file of our collection of farm harvest recipes.

PLEASE NOTE: Your membership gift card will have NO RESIDUAL VALUE at the end of the growing season.