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Our Journey

We met each other in a time of chaos, and managed to find peace within each other's love. Right from the start, we realized we shared inherent values about life and how to live it. We both felt strongly about caring for a patch of earth, whatever size and shape it would take. We also believed in the healing power of food. As we decided to form a family, we knew we wanted to provide healthy, whole, true food for it.

After a long search for a new home, Joe found a beautiful parcel of land in the Buffalo Creek Valley. It was, literally, a blank canvas. Grazed for years by cattle, and then planted with corn and soybeans, we stood and envisioned a future among the broken cornstalks and waist-deep weeds.

Joe's dream of building a timber framed, straw bale house came true in 2009. Shortly thereafter, we began the work of maintaining our land responsibly. Our home is partially powered by solar panels, and we strive to live our lives in accordance with sustainable ideals.

This is our love song and offer of gratitude to Mother Nature. We know that she can take care of us if we provide her with the space and care to work in her own ways. You cannot submit your force upon the earth – the prevailing view of modern agricultural systems – any more than you can upon a human. The dance of communication is much more subtle than that. Thus, this is a learning process for us until the end of our days.

We are a work in progress, and every year is better than the last.